And the story begins…

It was a typical Central Coast cool, foggy mid-morning in October 2001 when Connie Garcin held a “Hat Party and Garden Brunch” to celebrate life with her family and friends – her support team, her confidants, her closest friends – who had helped her through her journey with Cancer.

Then, just as the sun was piercing the fog, an idea came to Connie and floated through the group of beautifully-coiffed women like a warm breeze – and “Hats for Hope” was born.

Hats for Hope is an organization which provides financing for a hat, wig or headcovering for residents on the Central Coast who are battling Cancer and will lose their hair due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment. It may very well be the last thing a person thinks about after the diagnosis of Cancer, and yet just what they need to lift their self-esteem and their spirit at this most difficult time.
 Funds are raised through events like the Annual Community Hat Party and Auction – a whimsical version of Connie’s original party.
“We just want to help ease each patient’s burden in some small way,” as Connie so simply put it.

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